About Podstrana

Podstrana is a small tourist town located at the outskirts of Split, only 8 km away from Split city centre. Well known for its rich cultural heritage, olive oil and wine, welcoming inhabitants, amazing gastronomy and beautiful beaches. All that makes Podstrana one of the most attractive tourist destinations.

The area of Podstrana belongs to the zone of pleasant Mediterranean climate which favours agriculture and the growth of all Mediterranean crops: olives, vines, figs, carob, citrus fruits, peaches, and other vegetables that grow continuously throughout the year.

The beauty, the Mediterranean climate and the ecological preservation of the natural environment are the original values enjoyed by the inhabitants of Podstrana and excellent potentials for the development of tourism.

Within the municipality there are five settlements: the oldest is Gornja Podstrana under the Peruna hilltop at an altitude of between 290 and 340 m.

The highest and most prominent position has the Peruna’s peak Kriz at the altitude of 533 m.

Along the coast from NW to SE there are villages Strožanac, Grljevac, Sveti Martin, Mutogras.